If it rains, will the event be cancelled?
In the event of heavy rain, the event will be postponed to the following Wednesday (September 27, 2023). If it still rains on Wednesday, September 27, the activities will still take place, but under a tent. The event will only be canceled in the event of severe thunderstorms or any other situation that could affect the health and safety of customers and participants.

Can I pay with a credit or debit card at the event?
The majority of kiosks will have terminals for credit and debit card payments, including liquor stations, farms, restaurants and the kiosk selling Pop-Up promotional tools.

Are dogs allowed at the event?
Yes, dogs are allowed onsite but must be leashed at all times. Owners must pick up after their dogs and properly dispose of their waste.

Are the tickets refundable?
Unfortunately, all sales are final and refunds will only be permitted if the rescheduled September 27 event is canceled due to severe thunderstorms or any other situation beyond our control.

Does my ticket include a meal?
No. The ticket includes a totebag style bag for your purchases, a reusable unbreakable glass with the image of the event, 25% off a day ticket for summer 2024 for Hisséo and the @bromont_montagne Water Park and a refill free cider as soon as you enter the site. Each ticket is an investment in the gastronomy of the region and a pat on the back to the producers and processors who make the bet and the necessary sacrifices to contribute to a sustainable local food ecosystem (and who do not pay for their stand).

Is there place to park near the event?
Several parking areas will be available near the event site, including several directly at the Versant du Lac P5 location.

How do I get to the site?
To access the site, take Chemin Huntington and follow the signs to Ski-Bromont P5. The exact address is 500 Huntington Road, Bromont.

Will there be designated smoking areas?
Yes, there will be one designated smoking area at the event. However, smoking or vaping cannabis is prohibited onsite.